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イベント告知 | 6th Trilateral Campus Harmony – 2016.11.29 (Closed)


The Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) and the Korea-China Friendship Association (KCFA) invite you to the 6th Trilateral Campus Harmony UCC Contest (November 29, 2016 @ Kyunghee University). We look forward to your interesting and brilliant ideas to promote positive trilateral relations conveyed in UCCs (User Created Contents).

1. Event Title: 6th Trilateral Campus Harmony UCC Contest

2. Eligibility

1 team composed of more than three people, which must include 3 students each from China, Japan, and the ROK who are currently studying in the universities in the ROK

※ Exchange students from Japan and China are also eligible to apply.

3. UCC Details

1) Subject

   - Interesting history of cultures of China, Japan, and Kore developed through mutual exchange and influence

   - UCC that contains the messages of ‘trilateral exchange and solidarity’

2) Theme: Can be chosen freely, with below samples as references

Sample themes

- An Essay on Trilateral Cultural Exchange that We Make Together

- Links among the Cultures of China, Japan, and Korea

- Trilateral Cultural Empathy, the New Discovery of the Past

- Path of the Trilateral Exchange: Trilateral Historical Travelogue of the Past, Present, and Future

- Finding Common Trilateral Cultural Assets in Clothing, Food, and Architecture

- Discovering Treasure through Old Pathways of China, Japan, and Korea

Key Words

 “China, Japan, and Korea”, “Culture”, “Exchange”, “Solidarity”, “Mutual Affirmation”, “Cultural Similarity and Diversity”, “Historical Travel”

3) Language: The language of the UCC as well as the presentation competition is Korean

4. Contest Timeline

1) Entry: (Forward all submissions to:

From November 1st ~ 11th: Submission of an application form (attached below)

From November 14th ~ 18th: Submission of UCC clip (5 mins.) & 1 page-description

2) Initial Screening: November 23 (Wed)

※ The finalists will be announced on November 24 (Thu) @ TCS( and KCFA ( websites

3) Final Round: 14:00, November 29 (Tue), 2016 @ Kyonghee University Seoul Campus Cheongwoon Bldg. B117

※ In addition to the UCC screening, each team will have 5 minute-presentation opportunity to explain background motives and process of UCC production. Presentation in Power-point, Keynote, and Prezi are recommended.

5. Prizes

10 prizes will be awarded, as follows:

1) KCFA Award: Scholarship (3,000,000 won)+3 round-trip air tickets to China and Japan+1 Kumho Resort voucher (2 nights)

2) TCS Award: Scholarship (3,000,000 won)+3 round-trip air tickets to China and Japan+1 Kumho Resort voucher (2 nights)

3) Excellence Prize: Scholarship (2,000,000 won)+3 round-trip domestic air tickets in the ROK+1 Kumho Resort voucher (2 nights)

4) Encouragement Prize (7 teams): 1 Kumho Resort voucher (2 nights)+souvenir


For inquiries, please contact KCFA Secretariat (Tel: 02-6303-1961~2 / Fax: 02-6303-1969) 

Attachments: 6th Trilateral Campus Harmony Application